Robert the Glitcherino
Meeting the Red Plumber




Mario dived back as the bomb flung up in the air and came crashing into the ground, throwing up dirt and grass as they exploded. In between the spewed up bombs he did notice the pink animal that was spat out with it and it wasn’t no bomb!

Cautiously he rushed though the smoke and looked up into the tree, still his stance was defensive. Ready for anything!

“Hello…” he asked awkwardly. “Are you a’ ok?”

*the strange pink creature landed on a branch. he shook his head, getting rid of most of the soot off his face. still off balance from the shock, he slid off the branch and lands on another face first, continuing to fall hitting every branch in his decent until he fell on the ground on his back. he let out a slight groan. it was hard to tell if it was pain or dissatisfaction of what just happened*